This page provides useful pre-departure, travel and base information. From airport procedures to visa requirements, it will tell you what to expect to make your holiday smooth and carefree. We suggest you read the following information carefully several weeks prior to departure and also print a copy to take with you. You might also find our online cruising guide helpful in planning your holiday itinerary in more detail.

Cruising Requirements

Click here to review the sailing and power requirements for Greece while planning your charter holiday.

Address & Map

The Moorings
Marina Gouvia
PO Box 60 
49083 Tzavros
Corfu, Greece
Tel: (+ 30) 26610 99132

We suggest you notify family and friends of how you may be reached in case they need to contact you.

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Saturday, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Sunday, 9.00 am to 2.00 pm
Season: This charter destination is closed from early November to early April.

Base facilities
Extensive facilities assure your comfort, including laundry room, hotels, parking, post office, restaurants, banks, and supermarket.

Base map


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Arrival and Departure

How to get there
Corfu airport is located on the east side of the island four miles from the base. From the airport, the trip takes 15 minutes.

Servicing airlines
Daily domestic flights on Olympic Airways and international charter flights
Aegean Airlines, Corfu
Aegean Airlines, Athens
Due to the number of flights we organise, the Moorings can offer some great rates to many destinations. Be sure to contact your Holiday Planner before you book your flights.

Customs and immigration
A valid passport (for each passenger) and crew list is compulsory for clearance. Passport expiry date must be no earlier than six months after your planned return. A customs declaration form must be completed at the port of entry.

Corfu Airport and ferry

Airport transfers
Transfers from the airport to the base are not included. However, they can be arranged by special request. 
Please advise us of your requirements at least three weeks prior to the charter start date by completing the appropriate form.

Arrival / departure procedure
Embarkation: Charters start at 3:00 pm.
Briefing times: Boat and chart briefings are scheduled for 1:30 pm. All head charterers are required to attend the briefings. All skippers must attend the briefings and everything you need to know will be covered, from customs regulations, use of the radio, making dinner reservations, to how to get help and more. Please save all questions of this nature until then. The Moorings operations manual will be on board your yacht for your use throughout your charter.
Disembarkation: All charterers must return to base by 5:00 pm the night before disembarkation for debriefing and checks. Disembarkation is at 9:00 am the following morning. 

Late arrival procedure
The base personnel will wait for you until 9:00 pm. After 9:00 pm, you will find an information sign at our reception office with a message for you indicating your yacht's berth. Your boat will be open and indicated by a sign with your name. The boat's equipment will be ready for the night. The base personnel will be available the next day at 9:00 am.

Taxes / departure tax
There is no departure tax for Corfu.

Central Booking Office, radio taxi – Tel: 30 2661 33811
Recommended taxi in Gouvia – Tel: 695 330205 / 6944 331560

Car rental
Hertz, Avis, and Europcar car rental companies have bases at the airport. A rental car can be collected upon arrival at the airport or at the base.

Bus services
The local bus covers the distance from Piraeus to the Airport. The bus is the E-96. The bus stop for the Marina Kalamaki is EDEM and is 300 m from the entrance. A bus ticket costs € 3 per passenger.

Ferry services
From the port in Corfu to the base: distance 2.5 miles.
Strintzis Lines, tel. 30 2661 025232; Minoan Lines tel. 30 2661 025000
Hellas Flying Dolphins: – timetables

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General Information

Area: 81,994 sq. mi
Population: 10,737,428
Capital city: Athens
People: Greek and other
Language: Greek (official), other (includes English and French)
Religion: Greek Orthodox , Muslim, other
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Major industries: Tourism, food and tobacco processing, textiles, chemicals, metal products,  mining, petroleum
Tipping: Tipping waiters, taxi drivers, etc. is generally not expected in Greece, but if you round up the bill it will be appreciated.
Currency: Euro 
Electricity: 230V AC, 50 HZ, two-pin plugs are standard
Time: Local time is UTC/GMT +2 hours; Daylight Savings Time is +1 hour

Festivals and holidays
New Year's Day
The Epiphany
Independence Day
May Day
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Ochi Day
Christmas Day
2nd Christmas Day
Moveable Public Holidays
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Whit Monday

Hotel Debono, 500 m from the base
Corfu Palace Hotel, 2 Leoforos Dimokratias Avenue
Kontokali Bay Hotel, 1 km from the base

Pipilas – Greek specialties; 600 m south of the base
Gereko – Kontokali village; fish specialties, 600 m south of the base
Melina’s Restaurant and Bar – Gouvia village, 500 m north of the base (€ 15 to € 20 per person)
Zorbas Restaurant – 500m north of the base in Kontokali village

Post office
There is a post office in Corfu town centre: Open Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.
There is a mail box in the marina next to the Marina Office. The nearest telephone booth is 30 m from the base.

The use of flying drones may be restricted in some areas. For current drone regulations in this destination, please visit

Internet connectivity
Connecting to the internet in Greece is not always possible. At the moment, Athens International Airport is offering Wi-Fi access but elsewhere, it's still hard to find. And when you do find Wi-Fi in Greece, it can be very expensive. There are a few internet cafes available in the larger cities. 

Mobile phones
The mobile network is well developed all over Greece. You can use your own mobile after checking with your supplier to find out if Greece is included in your contract. Mobile phones are NOT available to rent locally – we strongly suggest reviewing service options with your provider before travelling.

The nearest telephone booth is 30 m from the base.
Tourist Information Centre, Corfu (GNTO)
Platia Eleftheria, 49100 Corfu
Tel: 30 26610 37638

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Banks & Money Exchange

We advise you to exchange your money when you arrive at the airport. 
Banking hours: Monday to Thursday, 8.00 am to 2.00 pm; Friday, 8.00 am to 1.30 pm. Most banks have a 24-hour cash machine.
During your cruise, you will find banks in Corfu, Gaios, Parga Preveza, Levkas and Nidri town centres. There is one ATM outside Gouvia marina, and one inside the marina in front of the Marina Office.

Currencies / money exchange 
The currency in Greece is the euro (EUR). Money changing facilities are present in the majority of towns, although, they are not that readily available off the beaten track. Money changing should be done either with cash or by travellers’ cheques, euro cheques.   Visa and Master Card are accepted, American Express may only be accepted at limited locations and most local tavernas accepting only cash.

Note: The base cannot accept cash or personal cheques.
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Activities & Sports

Snorkelling and diving
To help you avoid travelling with an extra bag, The Moorings has snorkelling equipment (fins, masks and snorkels) for your use at all bases. The equipment will be on board your yacht when you arrive. If you wish to exchange fins, customer service will be delighted to help, subject to availability. Scuba diving is strictly regulated in Greece. Please arrange in advance to dive with a local club:
Seven Islands Dive Centre Gouvia Marina – Tel: 266 109 19 55

Horse riding
Try riding with Trailriders.
Reservations are essential: contact Ano Korakiana tel. 30 26630 23090 / 22503
Some other fun sports in Corfu are: water skiing, tennis, and golf.

In Corfu you can find fashions, jewellery and many stores with a wide range of tourist items, such as wonderful gifts and souvenirs. Gold and silver are worked with a skill reminiscent of the Byzantine era with influences from the West. Ceramics also have a long history as a Corfiot craft.

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Cruising Information

Marina information
It is not possible to make reservation in Greek ports. A passing through berth is generally available for the night. Your passage is not always recorded when passing through small ports. Port Authorities will sometimes ask for your boat's papers and your charter contract. Remember to retrieve your documents before leaving. The average price for a night for a 40 footer: € 7 in small harbours; € 40 to € 50 in private marinas.

Electricity information
Certain yachts are equipped with power cords, a battery charger and 220V plugs, but unfortunately the marina piers don't often have electrical outlets. The piers in the marina are not equipped with 220V.

Sailing area restrictions
Albania: Starting from Corfu, navigation is only permitted in Greek territorial waters. Under no circumstances should you go to Albania.

Interesting sites
Please visit the Itinerary Page for more of the best places to visit on your trip. While you are in Corfu take the opportunity to visit these other cultural attractions.

  • Take advantage of your visit to Corfu to see all the island's curiosities. 
  • The old town: In the centre of town near the old port there is a magnificent Venetian district with colourful streets lined with numerous shops and taverns. 
  • Byzantine Art Museum: Arseniou Street in the Antivouniotissa Church. 
  • Fortifications: Napoleon Bonaparte later modified the new fort from the 16th and 17th century. The old fort was occupied by the Venetians for a long time. A “Son and Lumiere” spectacle is frequently given in different languages. 
  • The Liston: Across from the old fort there are arcades constructed by the French. There you will find a variety of terraced cafes overlooking an esplanade where traditional cricket matches are played. 
  • Archaeological museum: Vraila Street at the end of the road of Garitsa Bay near Corfu Palace. Here you will find many examples of prehistoric tools and pottery. Open from 8:30 am to 3.00 pm daily except Monday.

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Provisioning (Food & Drink for your boat)

Provisioning sServices
This destination offers the convenience of The Moorings Provisioning Service. Let The Moorings take all the hassle out of provisioning your yacht by providing you with the highest quality beverages, fresh foods, and non-food items. Order complete packages when booking online or over the phone. Or choose to order online from our Online Provisioning Store which also offers all packages and an extensive a la carte inventory. We’ll coordinate the details and guarantee that everything is aboard your yacht when you arrive. Visit our Provisioning Page to learn more.

There is a supermarket at the base.

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Health & Safety

Travel insurance
The Moorings offers comprehensive travel insurance for your complete peace of mind. If you have your own travel insurance, please make sure that it covers all of the destinations and activities of your holiday with The Moorings. Click for more details

Vaccination and Immunisation Information
Greece is generally free from risk of contagious disease.
You are advised to be up-to-date with your Tetanus and Hepatitis B vaccines. An International Vaccination Certificate is not mandatory.

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*Please note country entry/exit and vaccination/immunisation requirements can and do change. The Moorings is not accountable for these requirement changes and we advise visiting the destination’s authority website to receive the latest updates.

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