Brazil Yacht Charters

South America’s most recognised region and home of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil is a robust destination worthy of any traveller’s bucket list. This mecca for ancient Mayan history and vibrant Portuguese culture provides a unique setting where ancient city streets, lush exotic landscapes, and picturesque coastlines intertwine. And just off the mainland, there lie several small islands whose surrounding waters make it easy to bring your best holiday to life by way of a Brazil yacht charter.

The year-round tropical climate and steady conditions are ideal for sailing in Brazil, and the cruising ground is a less-travelled paradise that comprises some of the most unspoiled natural scenery you’ll ever lay eyes on. Undock from The Moorings base in UNESCO World Heritage Paraty and explore the many wonders that await throughout these best-kept secret emerald-green waters. From snorkelling with colourful schools of fish to sampling authentic tapas dishes and witnessing majestic sunsets from the deck of your own private sailing vessel, a Brazil yacht charter delights the senses in every way.

  • Take a scenic hike up to Sugarloaf Peak
  • Relax on Ilha Grande’s Lopes Mendes Beach
  • Visit the tropical fjord of Saco de Mamangua