Reasons to take a Sailing Holiday in Tahiti

Tahiti is considered the Home of Ancient Polynesian culture. With many of its inhabitants spreading out across the Pacific making their home all the way South to New Zealand to as far as Hawaii by boat. Sailing and life on the water play an integral part to their daily lives, culture and that of Tahiti’s great history through the centuries. There is no better way to experience this destination than by the water to re-live the beauty and fascination of the ancient explorers from near and far.

They say each island in this archipelago has its own personality with something unique to offer. These islands lie in close proximity to each other and its calm waters over its vast barrier reefs and atolls make sailing here a dream. We have put together our top reasons for taking a holiday in Tahiti and why this paradise in the Pacific will always call for your return.

Tahiti’s Lagoons

Each island is surrounded by life-rich lagoons that are easy to explore from the beach. A few feet in and you can easily view an array of exotic fish and even friendly sting rays in the bay. These lagoons are surrounded by barrier reefs that are home to thousands of species that can be seen even from the water’s surface.

Coral reefs

The island atolls are rich with some of the world’s rarest marine species from coral to fish. Every year these waters are visited by large groups of various whale species, dolphins and sharks who feed off these life-rich waters. Visitors can also view these magnificent creatures up close or opt to go on whale watching tours or go swimming with the dolphins.

Great for surfing and water sports

Tahiti has some excellent surfing spots. The most famous are the legendary waves at its famous reef break at Teahupoo. Tahiti also offers a variety of other water activities from canoeing, paddle boarding, supping and more. Be sure to check out their many water sport and surf festivals throughout the year.

Polynesian culture

Tahiti is not just the homeland of the Polynesian people and its tribes, but also a sacred place full of history, myth and legend where its people still uphold their traditions up until to today. You can experience their famous Tahitian dances and festivals where you can see some of their finest artisanal craftsmanship. Tours on offer also allow you to walk sacred trails along the islands and visit important places filled with deep religious meaning.

Polynesian Food

Derived from the best of the islands’ offering, Polynesian cuisine offers an array of fresh seafood to traditional dishes straight out of the ahimaa, a traditional oven where everything is cooked through and prepared to your delight. The food here comprises mainly of exotic fruits and seafood that is caught from the sea. You will be spoilt for choice at the array of restaurants to sample these one of a kind dishes.

Motu Picnics

A motu picnic is where diners are served their meals on a table located in the shallow waters of the lagoon under the shade of a reed umbrella or tree. This is a special way of feasting on that fresh seafood dishes. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind dining experience.


Volcanoes form an integral part of these islands as many of them were created from previous eruptions from the sea. These looming legends also offer amazing hiking trails to explore and offer amazing views of the island and its neighbours.

Black pearls

Tahiti is renowned for its high quality black pearls found in its reefs and lagoons. Black pearls can be found along the barrier reef and lagoons formed from the high volcanic activity in the region.

It’s an amazing romantic getaway

With so many myths, legends and stories of Gods and heroes from the region, each island offers its own tale to tell visitors. With over 118 islands making up the archipelago, you are sure to find the right escape for your holiday. While Bora Bora is the most popular with honeymooners, Tahiti has many hidden gems that can offer the perfect secluded paradise for you and that someone special.


Last but not least, Tahiti’s beaches culminate the true essence of paradise. Fresh air mingled with delicate wafts of vanilla and blooming hibiscus surround you as you lounge upon its soft white sands  with nothing but deep blue waters expanding out into the horizon.


Are you ready to embark on an adventure in Tahiti?

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