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Extras – Provisioning

Provisioning Services

Begin your holiday sooner and save time and money with our wide variety of provisioning services. Let The Moorings take all of the hassle out of provisioning your yacht with the highest quality, freshest foods and best service. 

It’s Hassle-Free

Many of our destinations offer a choice of restaurants, but you will also want to purchase provisioning in advance for your breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and some of your dinners. We offer a range of easy, personalised provisioning services to meet your crews’ desires and dietary needs. Through our close network of the best local suppliers, and an understanding of your needs, we are able to take care of all the work getting you on the water faster, while ensuring your complete satisfaction.

We coordinate everything for a hassle-free experience by conveniently delivering your order to your boat upon arrival. Leave the challenging shopping to us and jump right into your holiday!

Complimentary Care Package

As part of every charter with The Moorings, you will receive a complimentary Moorings Care Package that includes ice, paper towels, garbage bags, matches, bath soap, toilet paper, sponges, dishwashing liquid and insect spray.

A Personalised Package to Suit Every Preference

Not all of these packages are available in all destinations, so please make sure to contact us regarding which provisioning options are available in your holiday destination.

  • Charter Starter Kit is included with every Moorings provisioning plan and is also offered separately. The kit includes condiments, olive oil, spices, kitchen supplies, paper plates, napkins, disposable wipes, aluminum foil, charcoal, lighter fuel and cleaning products.

  • Easy-on-the-Cook is for those who wish to give the cook a break from cooking dinners! Like all of our packages, it will be based on your preferences, and includes all of your breakfasts, lunches and snacks for each day and typically includes only one dinner.

  • Split Provisioning is our most popular personalised provisioning option, which provides breakfast, lunch and snacks for each day and dinner for half of your time onboard.

  • Full Provisioning is for the water lover who wishes to dine onboard for all meals.

  • Sundowner Packages are available at select destinations for travelers arriving late or taking an evening start. It includes beverages and evening snacks.

  • Sunriser Packages are available at most destinations. Generally taken when you schedule and evening start, this package includes a light breakfast like croissants, jam and cheeses with beverages.

  • Essential Provisioning Plan is similar to our Charter Starter Kit, and offered in Mediterranean destinations. Save time upon arrival and have all of your essentials on board!

  • A-La-Carte Provisioning is available in many of our destinations. A-La-Carte allows you to select from a list of groceries available for purchase individually prior to your arrival.


Why start your holiday by carrying cases of drinks to your yacht? We offer a wide selection of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages that can be ordered a-la-carte and stocked on your boat the morning of your arrival.

Special Occasions

Special packages, ranging from unique cakes to flowers and champagne, make onboard celebrations memorable. We will customise a package especially for your occasion, from birthdays to weddings.


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